The history of Arizona Jeans

The history of Arizona jeans is a trade mark to the J.C. Penney Company Inc. there are stores in all fifty states and in addition there are also stores in Chile, Mexico and Puerto Rico. This company is the largest retailer when it comes to department stores in the USA and has licensing agreements for their products throughout the world. You will find several J.C. Penny stores in Pennsylvania, Florida, New York, Texas, California and Illinois. In most of the suburban shopping malls you will find a store.

Over the past decades these chain of stores have and many of the stores are located in power centers. J.C. Penny has also been internet retailers since that late 90’s. In addition to selling general merchandize these stores are well known for their Arizona jeans as well as many other different products such as watch repairs, jewelry and much more. The original store was founded by William McManus and James Cash Penny and the original name was JCP Store which was owned by a Mr. Callahan in Colorado. The store was sold in the early 90’s to J.C. Penny.

The main store was located in Wyoming and it still exists today. The store was relocated in the early 1900’s to Salt Lake City as it was closer to transportation and banks. Then later Bert Niver joined the company and by then there were one hundred and seventy five stores operating in twenty two different states. The history of Arizona jeans continued to spread far and wide as the company expanded and the company’s oldest private brands were then known as Big Mac working clothes. In 1924 five hundred stores had already opened and by 1928 there were already a thousand stores across the US.

The company then in turn started national advertising campaigns in various magazines such as the life magazine and others. During the early 1900’s the J.C. Penny credit cards which were made for these stores only. The original Arizona Jean Company started up in 1990 and became a private denim brand exclusive to J.C. Penny and has now become an independent company of J.C. Penny. These jeans can be found online and are sold from various different websites such as as well as others.
This company now also operates in eight states providing in store catalog desks. These catalogues have now been distributed all over by the Milwaukee catalogue center. And in 1963 J.C. Penny opened the first full line department stores in Prussia, Audubon and Pennsylvania. These stores provided a varied line of merchandize as well as services which included restaurants, sporting wares, garden goods, auto parts and beauty salons as well as Arizona jeans.

During the 1960’s J.C. Penny also opened stores in the more recent states which included Alaska. However the towing building which measured a hundred thousand square feet collapsed in the late 1900’s due to an earthquake and many deaths resulted from the buildings collapse. The building was then completely demolished and rebuilt and was part of the 5th avenue mall.

The fifty states in the US was completed when the Hawaii store in Honolulu. The history of the Arizona jeans continues whereby J.C. Penny adapted their famous logo which is still used today even though James Penny died in 1971. The historic district in Kemmerer, Wyoming in 1978 was declared a national historic landmark.

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